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SA8320 Logic Analyzer

The logic analyzer is mainly used to test digital logic signal, there are 32 input channels at least and up to more 100 channels for some devices, and signal between each channels are closely related. The waveform of logic signal is the pulse waveform with different width and voltage amplitude is changeless usually, so the logic analyzer won’t concern on this part and only for the mutual time-series relationship of signal in each channel.


    Large scale integrated circuit, FPGA, SOPC, high speed and large memory

    Perfect function of start, trigger and delay to track and take the concerned data effectively

    32 data sampling channels, 2 external clock channels

    A fast and effective debugging tool for hardware and software of MCU

    5.7” color LCD display, the resolution 320×240 points

    USB Device and RS-232


    Input Channel32 data sampling channels, 2 external clock channels
    Threshold   Voltage6 independent and adjustable threshold voltages
    Adjustable Range: -6V ~ +6V
    Resolution: 0.1V
    Input ImpedanceR ^ >100 kΩ, C ^ <8 pf
    Sampling RateTiming Rate1Hz ~ 100MHz (Period 10ns ~ 1s), Resolution: 10ns
    State Rate1Hz ~ 35MHz
    Sampling Phaserise edge, fall edge
    Memory Depth256k bytes / channel
    Trigger Condition32 bits trigger level, 32 bits trigger comparand
    Event Count1 ~ 999
    Memory Delay1~ 260000 sampling cycles
    Pattern Generator
    Pattern TypeCH00 to CH15 are counters with   adding 1,
    CH16 to CH29 are shift pulse
    CH30 to CH31 monitor external clk1 and clk2
    Pattern RateFrequency: 1Hz ~ 50MHz(period 20ns ~ 1s) resolution:10ns
    General   Characteristics
    PowerAC220V(1±10%), 50Hz(1±5%), 10VA
    Display5.7' TFT LCD
    Dimension &   Weight329×283×155mm, Approx. 4.3kg

    Standard Accessories

    3-core   power cable


    Test   hook 


    Test   hook connecting cable


    50   wires cables and connector


    Input   transferring boxes


    CD   (Software + User's Guide)



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